Digital Photography & Imaging: Exercises

01/04/19-30/04/19 (Week 1-Week 5)
Angelina Lee An Qi (0334272)
Digital Photography & Imaging

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1: Basics of Photoshop
Week 1 (02/4/19): During this week we learnt the basic techniques of Photoshop like free transform, layers, hue and saturation, match colour, filter > noise, etc.
We were instructed to photoshop ourselves into Hearst Mansion as our exercise.

Lecture 2: Basics of Photoshop II
Week 2 (09/04/19): For this week we learnt about adding layer mask as well as creating smart object and the gradient tool, as well as quite a few others. We edited an image of a background, a house, and a ghost bride. We also did another one with the sky as the background and a cottage.

Lecture 3: Recoloring A Black & White Photo
Week 3 (16/04/19): This week we learnt how to recolour a black and white photo. First, we were given a standard picture to work with. Then, once we got the hang of it, we were able to choose any black and white photo online and attempt it on our own.

Lecture 4: Unnatural Human Skin
Week 4 (23/04/19): We did something similar to last week except today we learnt about displacement maps and replaced human skin with different textures.

Lecture 5: Floating Castle
Week 5 (30/04/19): We had to work independently and create a floating castle on a rock in the sky.



Week 1:

Mr Jeffrey gave us this picture of Hearst Mansion to Photoshop ourselves into.hearst mansion.jpg
I took pictures of my hand to add to the Hearst Mansion. I didn’t use the first picture because the lighting wasn’t suitable.

This is the final image:


Week 2:

For exercise 2, we combined these pictures to create an eerie haunted house with a ghost bride.


This is the end product I made:



We did another similar one except with this sky and a cottage-looking kind of house.sunset replacement


This is what I did:ex_2A_AngelinaLee

Week 3:

This was the standard picture Mr Jeffrey gave us at first:



This was the result of my first attempt at recolouring:week3ex3_0334272AngelinaLee


We then were able to choose any black and white picture from Google and this is what I picked: wallhaven-236573


I did not fully grasp how to properly recolour just yet so this is how it turned out:week3_0334272AngelinaLee


I decided to try again and picked another one.19125-black-and-white-portrait-1920x1200-photography-wallpaper


The result: ex_3A_0334272AngelinaLee


Week 4:

These were the textures I found:



Then I found pictures of  a few girls:


This was the result: week4.2

Week 5:

These were what I used and got inspiration from:


I did something like this at first:



Mr Jeffrey said that the rock looked a bit out of place in my first attempt so I tried to brush it up in my second attempt:



Week 1: There was no feedback for the first week.

Week 2: Mr Jeffrey nor Mr Martin commented on my work.

Week 3: Mr Jeffrey mentioned for me to work on the ends of the hair and the borderline between the skin and background, but other than that it’s all good.

Week 4: Mr Jeffrey said that I should create little bumps on the skin so that it looks more realistic and three-dimensional.

Week 5: Mr Jeffrey commented that it was a nice attempt and that it can look like it is real but there is still a few quirks here and there that gives it away.


Week 1: Confused a couple of times, but still managed to keep up.
Week 2: I feel like I have just barely grasped the basics of Photoshop. I know I still have a ways to improve, but for now I think I’m okay at my level.
Week 3: The pace of this class is just nice so that I don’t overstress but at the same time I find progress a bit slow at times.
Week 4: I had a little bit of trouble keeping up at times but I still can understand the class thoroughly.
Week 5: It was nice to work by ourselves.

Week 1: I did not edit the lighting in my image properly.
Week 2: I am not as fast in editing like other people.
Week 3: The edges of my subject’s hair is a bit sketchy.
Week 4: The edges of the skin is too smooth.
Week 5: The rock was a bit too outlandish.

Week 1: I found out that I still have a long way to go to master Photoshop.
Week 2: I sometimes just lose track of what I am doing; I need to focus more.
Week 3: I still forget about a few shortcuts I can use in Photoshop.
Week 4: I need to create more bumps on the edges of the skin.
Week 5: Still need to improve on the final touches and making everything look natural.



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